Roller Skating in a Sunny Saturday

It's a normal sunny Saturday in this tropical part of the world. November has not heard back from the weather congress yet so we're still stuck with the blazing heat under Jakarta's unforgiving sun. However today, I didn't let the comfort of my air-conditioned room hold me back from meeting an old friend over the clashing wheels of our rented roller skates.


My friend and I set one of the restaurant branches she was currently working in as our meeting point. She arrived a little later than promised, so after I had done with a bowl of tom yum prawn noodle soup, I continued reading my current read, Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu.

We then went to our main destination: an exciting place called Moja.

I told the staff that my shoe size was 36. He got me a pair of roller skates with my so-called size, but they were too big. I downsized a number, but the shoes were still loose on my feet. I finally asked for a size that seemed a little impossible...

... Yeah, I fit the 34.

Off we went roller skating, first with the help of a handlebar and some tips from the kind staff, then slowly without.

I fell a few times, but I saw that as an opportunity for more pictures *insert an innocent smile*.

One and a half hours turned out to be more than enough. We were parched and ended up super tired but satisfied.


Once I got home, my sister looked at me and said,
“Happy to see you start living your life again.”

Me too, sis. Me too.