A Month Could Bid Farewell too

As a farewell and, perhaps, a mischievous form of promise to be there at the exact same time next year, November ended with its first early morning rain. In this part of the world, I walked under my favorite soft blue umbrella, enjoying the patchy drizzle and the gentle gust of wind that the 30th brought. While trying to stay clear of the many puddles formed along the route to the bus stop, I nonchalantly pondered about the fact that while this year's November might not be completely gray, the last day sort of guaranteed the bolder version, forecasting an immediate temperature change shortly thereafter.

I make a mental note to buy a pair of flip-flops to avoid ruining these cork-latex sandals I have been wearing. Also to buy cute Christmas outfits for Ash, a character I handle in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game. I have no idea why this tap-and-collect kind of game has always entertained me, but I have been diligently tapping and collecting all the time: on my commute, during work break, and before bed. I am on level 13 now, and Ash has almost made it to the B-list. She is now engaged to the one and only Jordan Shaw. Yippee!

So... that was how November ended for me. It might have bestowed us with the wrong weather earlier, which had been too hot for the wet season, but it finally ended up teasing us with a promise of more rain to come. Au revoir, November.