An Update “Ash” You Wish, I Wish

If any of you are wondering about my doll, known as Ash with no surname, in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, let me give you an update for the sake of keeping up:

Ash has adopted a stray cat in front of her apartment building (I have decided that she is a cat lover). She is currently shooting her own reality show called “Ash You Wish”, pun always intended. What’s more, my doll is now married to Jordan Shaw who has been rocking this Cassio's haircut pretty well. Congratulations are in advance, I believe.

Meh, the truth is: getting married is expensive, even in a mobile game. Ash’s wedding dress cost me 100 K-stars, and I also spent around 9.000 Kash for securing the place in Italy and decorating the venue (“Who would have thought that Jordan might not chip in?” said I, sarcastically). Good thing that I had had some K-stars and Kash saved up this whole time so I didn't need Ash to work her ass off before the wedding.

It honestly took me quite a while to marry Ash off because, surprise, she was a tad bit afraid of commitment. To keep her mind off the fear, Ash became a workaholic with a good work ethic who kept delivering a 5-star rating in her every job and house party. And the result is not disappointing: she has almost made it to the A-list! Her dream is to own a private jet like Taylor Swift. I just need to lay aside 120 K-stars.