Classy... "Ash" in a Private Jet

Do you remember my doll in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, Ash with no surname? A few hours after I gave you an update last week, her fame status was raisedshe finally made it to the A-list. I'm sure reaching the #100 top star list might take her a while now that the competition is getting even more intense, but at least her dream to own a private jet has finally come true.

It turns out that buying a 120 K-stars jet is a total game-changer. I could fly around the countries and collect energies from random objects without having to spend any Kash (I get to save when I tap-tap-tap instead). It helps a lot, especially when Simon (Ash's manager) and Maria (Ash's publicist) could be a bit of an overachiever sometimesthey have been keeping Ash busy with projects in limited time constraints. A tip when this is happening continuously: after finishing a project, immediately close the app and let your doll charge their energy before picking up a call.

However nice the jet is, Ash still has to pay for her bus tickets though. A jet but no car? Ash is so on the next level. Should I shell out for a car too? She is so spoiled.

Well, maybe I should prioritize those gorgeous furniture in the Bel Air estate instead. Ash might have won the estate fair and square, but its amenities are expensive as hell. Can you imagine buying a plant for 20.000 Kash? Or perhaps a chic light for 70 K-stars? I would say she is robbed if not for how amazing the estate is. I mean, she could buy a Balmain dress for 35 or 50 (ultimate girl math, I tell ya).

But Jordan called Ash today and said that he wanted to be more involved in either her work or life, I can't really remember. I hope he will buy all the furniture in Bel Air since he is there all the time, but I have a feeling that his wanting to be more involved means he will join Ash in a few upcoming projects. But he paid for the date in Soho, Oak today and ordered the fancy wine twice, so thanks.