The End of an Ash-ra

I know you are probably wondering why Ash with no surname, my doll in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, looks different since the last time you saw her. Well, following the devastating news that will soon be revealed in this post, I gave her a new haircut today55 K-stars and now Ash looks like a whole different person.


Around three weeks ago, Ash received a strange phone call that reeked of infidelity. She confronted Jordan in Panino, Beverly Hills, and it was revealed that Jordan had been secretly preparing their vow renewal ceremony in Waikiki. I actually didn't see the point of throwing yet another wedding-related celebration right after they had just finished their honeymoon quest, but since I was really in love with Ash's new yellow dress, I let Ash say yes.

As expected, the wedding was classic and elegant. Ash wore her ponytail down for once and put on a darker lipstick shade. I dyed the party-turned-wedding dress broken white to fit the reception theme. Ash's best friend, Paige, was there to assist her as a solo bridesmaid, while I chose Cassio to be Jordan's best man since they had the same haircut (Jordan was hugely inspired by Cassio, I heard). I never thought I would write such a thing in my blog, but Kim came as a guest because the two dolls were besties.

I wasn't planning to write this post, to be honest. After the vow renewal was over, Ash worked her ass off, dated Jordan whenever she had the time, and clashed with Willow Pape. I had just reached level 24 not so long ago when all of a sudden Ray Powers appeared with an important announcement. It turned out that the game that I had been playing every day was set to be removed in 95 days.

I couldn't believe it! How could it end right when I felt like acing this game? But then, a realization hit: the app would be gone forever in three months, meaning I still had three months to spend the Kash and K-stars that I had carefully saved up. I did what I should have done weeks ago: I gave Ash a new dashing haircut.

I felt like the haircut changed her whole aura, so I didn't stop there. I made Ash go to the Love and Hope Adoption Center near LAX and adopt a baby boy. She named him Moses, and the whole administration cost her 160 K-Stars. I also bought a tall bookshelf and a toy rocker to make her nursery look more homey and less empty.

Well, the virtual world in KKH went mad with excitement. Ash and Moses were booked for several photoshoot sessions. What an easy, funny world.

P.S.: this tweet is hilarious, you're gonna love it: