Decluttering: A Way of Life

An idea of having a comfortable room came up this morning when I realized how messy my room was. After convincing myself that decluttering was worth the effort, I swept, cleaned, and reorganized for about five hours straight. It took me a while to remember the snuggly feeling that usually came after I made my bed, cleaned my sheet, or sorted out my things.

It didn't occur to me before that it would be cool to make a before-after picture so pardon me for making this more of a tell than a show. My room this morning was total chaos: there was way too many stuff on the desk, merch everywhere on the nightstand, book sleeves laying messily on top of a chair, and bags piling up on the locker. All things considered, it looked icky. Thankfully hours of struggle, no matter how many times I felt overwhelmed, paid off after all was said and done. I now look at my room with a very new perspective, so if you're bored or by any chance thinking about getting a new room, I suppose decluttering can be a way out you're currently seeking for.

Though my camera didn't capture it in its best state, I still hope you like it when you see it:

You may have noticed that displaying all my books on my desk and nightstand means stuffing away my other things into the locker. I'm actually quite alright with that as long as I remember where to put where. Besides, putting most of my books on display may have been one of the greatest decisions I made this year. The color arrangement makes my desk look like a rainbow while my nightstand is now stacked with book series which screams practicality (unfortunately, they're not big enough to accommodate such amount of books so some are still stuffed away in my drawers).

Now, this is how my room looks like every time I turn on nothing but the fairy lights:

As a big fan of reading (novel specifically), I like the fact that my room looks 'all booked' and colorful. A friend of mine even said that it looks like something out of a 70's disco show. Maybe I should add a mirrorball or something to highlight the retro? Just a thought haha.

I'm not a neat freak but I certainly am a perfectionist, so the fact that I quite like how my room looks now still kinda surprises me a bit. Dare I say, my favorite room in this whole world is looking quite tidy even when all we can see is books and books and books. For the sake of balancing it, I added some bookish candles in front of the stack while a small bouquet of baby's breath I got from a friend's wedding can be seen on top of the candles, laying even more prettily even though it's been almost seven months. I suppose that's why people keep saying how good things take time. If you see it this way, my five-hours spent redecorating my room turned out to be a good thing too, no? Maybe, they do take time.