Self Distancing Day... I Don't Know, I Lost Count

Pretending like you know your way around the kitchen was apparently fun. Even though it took me a while to be comfortable maneuvering the utensils, I managed to surprise myself by making something actually edible: delicious milo steam cake with cheese and chocolate sprinkles on top. I may be biased but who cares? I defeated my own laziness doing this.

But well, delicious is such a strong word, and while I have to admit that the outcome didn't look that pretty, the taste was actually pretty good, so hey at least it counts for something, right? The cheese was half-melted and full of flavors so it balanced the not-too-sweet cake. My first work but not my best work, though I was relieved that I didn't fail it in the first place.

So, I was concentrating on my current read this afternoon when I got this overwhelming urge to open Youtube and watch some easy-baking videos all of a sudden. To be honest, this cake of mine was inspired by not only one of them but actually a few. Though the plating was all me, probably why it looked a bit weird. For a beginner, I would say I was mildly satisfied. Not proud, but certainly satisfied.

The ingredients I used were actually pretty basic: eggs, sugar, milo milk powder, flour, vegetable oil, cheese, and chocolate sprinkles. I would be more than happy to share the combined recipe with you but let's face it: I'm an expert in no way. I refuse to humiliate myself by sharing something I'm not really good atmy cake is overall pretty good but not that good. I'll just share some pictures I took instead. After all, the experience is everything that actually matters, right?

I jokingly said I would do more baking in the future, though after the cleaning, I don't think I would. My very first experience regarding baking was super fun, but let's just leave it at that, shall we? Maybe I'll be a professional baker one day for all I know, but for now, let's just be content with the fact that this milo cake is my triumph.