Astrophile, A Lover of Stars

Interesting fact: do you know that astrophile is the term we use to call someone who loves the stars?

Since I was a kid, I've always found it fascinating the realization of how unlimited the sky actually is and what a blessing to have been able to look at a different part of it every night. If someone asks me where my dream vacation locates, without doubt I'll point the North Pole and explain that northern lights have always been a secret weakness of mine.

Having been someone with an unusual interest in something galaxy-related, I plan to post more things in terms of this particular topic in the future. As a starter though, I'll just show you the two paintings I managed to make today, all credit goes to Youtube and its awesome tutorial videos:

It felt superb to finally be back on track. I managed to defeat my laziness, actually got up from bed, set up all the painting tools, and forced myself to do something. Apart from reading, it's the only productive thing I've done in weeks and so dare I say I'm pretty proud of myself.