Magical Box Alert: Magic In Bloom by OwlCrate Jr

Apologize for the lack of update as I've been a bit preoccupied with work, books, and pretty much general life stuff these past few days but surprise: I plan to make up for it by presenting another unboxing opportunity today.

As said on their website and Instagram, OwlCrate Jr decided to curate the theme "Magic In Bloom" for their June box this year. A stolen glance at the sneak peek card I got from the previous box instantly makes me think of Narnia as well as Wizard of Oz, so considering how much I adore both Narnia's movies and Wizard of Oz's book, you can say that I've pretty much anticipated it for at least one whole month.

Without further ado, here are all the goodies I got:

It's not an exaggeration to say that I've been eyeing the mandrake bookmark shop for ages even though I haven't gotten around the chance to actually buying something from them as we all know how expensive international shipping can be. That's why the fact that OwlCrate Jr includes one in this month's box thrills me. I promise I will cherish the bookmark as much as I will do the two books included in this box. Despite the similar titles, both The Girl and The Witch's Garden and The Secret Garden sound like two different but equally wonderful reads.

I've never grown a crystal cherry tree before nor that I've ever drunk a cup of flower tea, but I'm willing to try new things so as I see it, it will be a month full of experiences and herbal remediesI will update you on the later progress if any. Last but least, just like a regular dose of tea never fails to soothe me, I hope the fact that my code KAILEMRA can still be used to get a 15% off does the same to you.