Firefight by Brandon Sanderson Was Beyond Imagination

To prove my devotion to the so-called curiosity, I satisfied my thirst for answers by devouring 70% of this book in a day. Not only was I able to finish the sequel of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson yesterday, but I was lucky enough to uncover the it I was hoping for in Firefight. Certainly I didn't expect to like this book better than the first, therefore imagine how dumbfounded I was finding it beyond imagination.

Disclaimer: Please stong reading if you haven't read Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson yet. The passages below will certainly contain many spoilers for the first book so beware.

Firefight starts one year after Steelheart was killed by David Charleston who is now known as the Steelslayer. Officially being a part of the Reckoners team, David tries his best to keep Newcago safe from the attack of other Epics. However, something strange happens along with their attempts to kill each of the Reckoners members: the Epics seem to come in an unusual pattern that Prof finally decides to bring Tia and David to Babylon Restored.

Ruled by a dangerous High Epic called Regalia, Babylar is a very strange place to say the least. With three different Reckoners members named Val, Exel, and Missy, the three seek to discover Regalia's plan. Meanwhile, David believes that there must be a way for Epics to be better. With everyone dismissing his idea, David is determined to make a success of it through Firefight.

If you're looking for a book that defines the meaning of fast-paced and captivating action sequences, Firefight might be the solution. Starting out okay, this book developed amazingly towards the ending that it's hard for me to put it down even for a little while. Let me break down the reasons why I found it more amazing than Steelheart:

1. World-building
Obviously the highlight of this book. Babylon Restored was admirably described as a broken yet beautiful city in the hands of Regalia. The narration made it feel like it was the kind of place that would fill us with awe though at the same time lurking inside it an inevitable danger. While a mixture of fantasy and imagination always fascinates me, Babylar certainly left an impression.

2. Characters
Though I had adored David since Steelheart, I grew fonder of him through his character progression in this book. His inability to create a metaphor especially made David adorable. I also liked the fact that after everything he had grown to believe, he still chose to give Epics and their weakness a benefit of the doubt.

3. Plot
If Steelheart made me feel like I was reading a superhero kind of book, Firefight drove me insane trying to untangle the riddles. The answers to all the mysteries were revealed little by little throughout the story which made this book even more gripping. It's fulfilling to be able to discover the twists slowly and separately from time to time.

In conclusion, Firefight was a significant second book which progressed deliberately and overall spectacular. Getting more of David and Megan was another thing I was very excited about, considering how much they had grown on me since the last I saw the two were paired up. If you're still debating whether to pick up this trilogy, please don't hesitate. The fact that I'm managing to write a review as soon as possible just so I can jump into the universe of Calamity right away should be a good enough reason.

Actual rating: 4.9★