The First Book I Officially DNF This Year

Nothing can beat the effect DNFing holds for us readers in general. While sometimes it is much better to stop mid-chapter and never spare it another glance, I always find myself feeling strangely reluctant to the idea of giving up on a book. A couple of chances are usually handed out in order to convince myself otherwise, but when it has to happen it eventually does.

Needless to say, I'm disappointed to admit that the same thing recently applied to an experience of mine regarding a book I had been highly anticipating for months. Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern turned out not to be my cup of tea despite my huge expectation in the beginning chapters. Even if the first 200 pages were good (I read the translated edition so please understand the slight difference), it was still a bummer that I ended up not enjoying the rest as much as I thought I would that I just... couldn't anymore.

Disclaimer: This review might contain spoilers so please avoid scrolling down if you haven't read the book yet.

While the story of Love, Rosie is formed by letters, emails, and sometimes announcements, it mainly follows the life of Rosie and Alex who have been best friends since they were a kid. When Alex has to move to Boston with his family, Rosie is left with no one to turn to since they have no other best friend in high school. Dublin feels empty without Alex but thankfully the two still keep in touch through emails.

That's why Rosie can't wait to finish high school as soon as possible. She plans to move to Boston for college and therefore reunites with Alex there. However, something happens on her prom night and later on she finds herself being sixteen with a daughter to look after. 

What I've said earlier is true: the first 200 pages were promising and entertaining enough that I kept going through. Because of its unique form, I found Love, Rosie refreshing rather than confusing. However, after their first failed marriage happened, I think Rosie and Alex should've gotten together already. After about page 221, it reached the point where the story got too draggy and frustrating with a couple of more failed marriages and an unbelievably prolonged storyline. My apologies for being redundant but it was exactly when I could take it no more. It was very unfortunate that I had been very invested in both Rosie and Alex's characters. They were actually fun thus I really wanted to like this book this bad.

But please, don't let my opinion hold you back from picking this book up. If (very) slow-burn romance is your thing, I don't see why you shouldn't give this book a try. Some of my friends enjoyed it so maybe you would too.

Actual rating: none, because I didn't finish it.