A Love So Beautiful: Drama Hangover

I realize that I'm three years behind but since I always have the tendency to be late in terms of following a certain hype, it's better late than never for me. Even though I feel immensely satisfied to be able to manage 24 episodes of A Love So Beautiful in less than two days, I also find myself regretting the decision to devour it too quickly. This C-drama has left me in a major hangover and I don't think I can function properly these days if not for the behind the scenes videos I've been holding on to desperately on Youtube.

Following the story of two neighbors and classmates Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao Xi, this drama is palpably sweet, funny, and heartwarming. It admirably explores not only romance but also the friendship aspect and now I can't bear the thought of moving on to another drama in the near future.

A Love So Beautiful develops a very cute relationship between the cold Jiang Chen (but he's not a jerkhe's actually very kind and caring) and the clumsy Chen Xiao Xi while also manages to widen the importance of friendship between the two and Lin Jing Xiao, Lu Yang, and Wu Bo Song. Embarking on the journey of high school, university, and adulthood, I can't help but think how lucky we would be if we could have what the five of them have here: a pure and lovely connection. With that being said, it's fun to find out that this drama doesn't revolve around the two main characters only, but also constantly highlights the relation between the other side characters. This is probably why some reviews point out that this show creates a similar vibe to the famous K-drama Reply 1988.

In my opinion, the two might have shared something in common but A Love So Beautiful honestly reminds me more of Playful Kiss. With a trope in which the cold smart guy is secretly in love with the clumsy girl with the worst grades, the two show how far the female leads go out of their way to express their undying love while the males keep being stoic and indifferent. But in the C-drama, we will get to see how things take a turn in the end and the chasee is finally becoming the chaser. 

When I reminisce, this show unexpectedly makes the puppy love I used to have back in high school days seem innocent, stupid, but also meaningful. Contrary to what you might think though, I'm relieved that mine stayed that way and never once happened for real. Even if I couldn't exactly relate to Chen Xiao Xi, I still find this drama extremely enjoyable as well as hilarious. I'm now hoping, dreaming, and dying for season 2.