Something Relatable and Not in The Office

My entertainment life has been fantastically complicated these days. As a starter, I’ve been switching back and forth from Gilmore Girlswhich I admittedly still haven’t finished yetto The Officea new discovery of mine I can’t help but feel like binge-watching. To make things even more intricate, I was in fact toying with the idea of adding the 2001's Meteor Garden to the list though sadly news flash and it's unmutually decided that my holiday will be cut short. That being said, I have to outsmart the decision by taking advantage of the remaining leisure time to watch both shows at the same time.

Despite how charming Lorelai Gilmore's life in Star Hollow seems to be, lately I've been finding the uncanny office world Michael Scott lives in bizarre and therefore more hilarious. Following the life of a group of workers in the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company's branch in Scranton, The Office mostly revolves around its infamous manager Michael Scott and his unique subordinates such as Pam, Jim, Dwight, Ryan, Angela, and many more.

Every day is indeed another chance for a brand new (mis)adventure in Dunder Mifflin Scranton and even though season 1 was rather hard to go throughjust like everyone else had warned me beforethe second season was a few levels better if not more. Some episodes in it, which mostly contained Michael's peculiar behaviors, sort of threw me off guard thus charmed me with a handful of good laughs.

As of now, I'm almost halfway through season 3 and while it's still as good as the previous one, I'm honestly glad to hear from my sister that season 5 is where everything is going to be more awesome. After all, The Office is the kind of show that most of us probably can but also can’t relate at the same time (hello long working hours, sales talk, and um, holiday?). Morbid as it may sound, having a strange figure like Michael Scott as a boss would be as challenging as it would annoying. I wouldn't mind having Dwight in my division either if I could get a Jim-and-Pam type of 'friendship' to relieve the inevitable stress.

And oh, mind the apostrophe would you, because I've started to root for Jim and Pam to get together too (but in a proportional amount, not in like the Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake-and-Amy type of rooting). So overall, The Office has been a very fun sitcom to watch containing a day-to-day something relatable to laugh about.