Meeting 杨洋 For The First Time in Love O2O

I was honestly a little skeptical about Love O2O the first time I read the plot summary on google. A drama in which we get to switch between a virtual gaming world and real-life matters, I wasn't very sure it would be my cup of tea and so the rave reviews I stumbled upon every time I looked up C-drama rom-com recommendations were the ones that eventually won me over.

Love O2O follows the story of a popular college student called Bei Wei Wei who is majoring in Computer Science at Qing University in Beijing. Unlike her other roommates, she is addicted to a computer game named 'A Chinese Ghost Story' in which she ranks sixth. Considering her fighting skill and bravery, it's clear why Wei Wei is quite popular there.

After being dumped by her former husband in that game, Wei Wei is approached by the champion in their server, Yi Xiao Nai He, who turns out to be her very popular senior Xiao Nai. The two eventually become close and later fall in love after deciding to meet in person. Though their bond remains strong, obstacles keep coming their way either they like it or not.

I had honestly heard quite a lot of things about Yang Yang though meeting him here for the first time was purely a coincidence. For me, Love O2O was overall quite an enjoyable watch with a swoon-worthy but too-good-to-be-true male lead (which always bodes well with me since I watch dramas for fun). The first 15 episodes were very promising, though starting episode 16, I began to fast forward quite a handful of scenes due to the slow-movingness of some parts.

It feels good to admit that the gaming thing that made me doubt this drama in the first place turned out to be irrelevant. Albeit I cringed at some parts, I still found it very fun to watch and refreshing thanks to its unique concept that made the virtual world seem lively. Sadly I wasn't a big fan of Wei Wei's dub, though I very much doted the awesome brotherhood in this drama. On the other note, I also considered the lack of fight as well as misunderstanding between the main couple a very refreshing change.

Overall, I don't think this is the kind of drama that I would want to rewatch in the future, though I don't at all regret the fact that I chose to end my short-lived holiday with it. Love O2O could be your cup of tea or perhaps it won'tI just think that either you would or wouldn't be enjoying it is only a matter of taste and preference.