To Paris Off I 'Go'

Fictionally speaking, I have just gotten back from Paris to meet Emily Cooper this afternoon and then board a transit flight to Chicago to witness a romantic comedy journey (which is known as a movie called HolidateI've always loved Emma Roberts and of course it's no question that she rocks in this one!) before dashing back to my blog and doing what is due. It certainly is a weekend well-spent. I've been planning to slow my reading progress a little bit and just relax with something more visual so voila: here is what I've been doing since Friday night.

To answer your question, the title of this show comes from Emily Cooper's basic-but-still-catchy social media handle: @emilyinparis. Substituting her pregnant boss and taking the job offer in Paris to be the only American representative in the marketing company called Savoir, Emily starts her journey by being bullied by her co-workers, messing up some jobs because of her inability in speaking French and her lack of knowledge in its culture, making new unexpected friends in the park, and meeting a hot neighbor downstairs called Gabriel who turns out to be very unavailable

Well, for someone who is quite adamant that she's not going to commit but still want something a little long and light for a change, a show with only 10 episodesin which the duration is less than 30 minutes per seis clearly welcomed. Emily in Paris is certainly fun, entertaining, and quite humorous albeit a bit unrealistic. Even if I'm glad to admit that Emily works hard (or rather cleverly) to fix the troubles that keep coming her way, it's hard not to acknowledge the fact that everything seems to work out very easily for her. Offended the most important client? That's alright, he will still listen to her and then talk about Gossip Girl because a very famous person that he is has no bodyguard thus very approachable in a public area. Booked a wrong date for a meeting in a classy restaurant? Oh, no worries, her hot neighbor can squeeze them in for a late-night dinner at his own.

But to be fair though, I suppose this is what makes this show fun to watch. To have the assurance that everything will work out smoothly (or even perfect) for the main character is the aspect I silently seek in watching a rom-com. It's not frustrating for me to witness Emily get caught up in a messy office drama or another hell lot messier love triangle because I'm sure that she is going to end up fine and it feels... liberating somehow.

I'm honestly not a big fan of Emily's character but I do appreciate her for her cleverness and creativity. She also kinda reminds me a bit of Monica Geller and probably Amy Santiago. The three of them have this tendency to always please people, no? Even though I don't feel like there is any distinct development in Emily's character, I must say that for me Sylvie, Luc, and Julien's progressions quite make up for that. I also enjoy the Gossip Girl's references. Now that I think about it, I suppose there are some resemblances between Emily's fashion choices and Blair Waldorf's and Serena van der Woodsen's. Perhaps Emily takes some inspiration from the OG Queen B and Serena? That will be understandable since Gossip Girl has the most particular and awesome fashion choices in my opinion.

In conclusion, it was a fun fictional trip to Paris. You should go watch Emily in Paris if you want to watch something light and amusing and don't expect too much.