These days, when I'm not reading or working, you can almost always find me in my bed, watching. I have heard so many promising things about How I Met Your Mother for years but truthfully the push to actually prove it myself has only bloomed recently.

Based on the title, I used to think that this show tells a story about how a guy falls in love with his friend's mother or something. Turns out my judgement was not only wrong but also very much deviated from the script. How I Met Your Mother follows the story of Ted Mosby in the year of 2030. It starts with the old Ted telling his kids the journey of his love life in the mid 2000, which will throw us back to his past and eventually lead up to the peak of the tale: how he met his wife after all he had gone through. I haven't gotten to that part yet though; still on season 2 but it's so far so interesting to watch.

A lot of people seem to be so fond of comparing this show with Friends and now I can see why. Ted has a very fun gang including Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, and Barney Stinson which frequently hangs out either in a bar called MacLaren's Pub or in Ted and Marshall's apartment. Keeping up with the big question of who will Ted marry is fun, but this show highlights the friendship also that I strongly sense some Friends' vibes here and there. Not that it's a bad thing or anything. Apart from a couple episodes that seem a bit similar (like the throwback old videos or Lily's job as a costumed waitress which straight out reminds me of Monica's when she met her super rich boyfriend Pete), trust me when I say that I do enjoy both differently and equally. Yes, they do feel similar, but the jokes are certainly not so throughout this show I'm able to laugh as hard as I do every time I rewatch Friends.

Will this be a show I'll rewatch countless times once I'm done though? I'd bet money on it. A comfort watch is a comfort watch. My goal now is to find out who the love of Ted's life is. After that, let me rewatch it just for the sake of fun and laughing.