A Road Less Traveled

Most people consider smart, beautiful, or even noticeable a compliment which, if received daily, might mean less to the vast majority though as a human it's admittedly nice to get acknowledged now and again.

Some who are close to me do not use those adjectives to describe my supposedly distinguishable potential though. To quote what my mom once half-jokingly said, I'm an 'invisible'. It is not meant to be taken literally of course, but metaphorically speaking the term is frankly accurate. I never purposely attract either wanted or unwanted attention thus I am usually the unnoticeable one in the herd. The strange thing is, I'm not exactly a quiet person to begin with. I talk a lot when I'm comfortable, but being invisible is a figurative cloak I wear daily without noticing the overall myself until the realization hit: in a room full of people it doesn't always mean a bad thing to get unnoticed and considered unnecessary to be considered.

Years ago, the label might have bugged me to the point that I would try to change myself, but growing up, I see it as a compliment I can take an advantage of. Being invisible means there is no anchor strong enough to keep you drifting from one place to another. Being invisible means being brave to let people see the real you while still keeping the most precious parts to yourself. Being invisible means everywhere could be home but all at once some never are. Choosing to be invisible, however, is a road less traveled but I'm a passenger with a golden ticket to pass by unnoticed and I'm not giving that privilege up.

I believe in the supremacy of being yourself. It takes time and courage to embrace what most people see as a disadvantage for your own benefit. The jury is still out on whether the path you have chosen will either be bright or murky, but what is life without a little risk to take or a gamble to make? Maybe one day you will look back and laugh at the choices you took but I hope being yourself is not something you will later regret.

However, it's more of a relief to believe that one day this road will lead you to something you have been dreaming of all along. Having an alarming amount of coffee in a cafe in New York City, being an architecture photographer in Paris, recording a travelogue at home in Prague, or being a professional consultant in JakartaPaulo Coelho once said that if you want something so much even the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. I'm not saying that it can only be achieved through being invisible. What I'm saying is being unseen is not a setback. Try seeing the world differently and you will eventually realize that the world extends its branches variously for you to pick. If you are lucky, you will find your home one day. If you are even luckier, you will find it in you.

In other words, it is how you pick on what life has to offer. Being invisible has taught me that the world doesn't revolve around you all the time but even then you're involved to make the best out of it. Be you, dream big, and never underestimate the power of giving your best even if you are not the main character in the scene.