2 Books in the 5th Month's Wrap Up

You may contemplate how quick it is of me to assume that I won't be finishing up any other book this month, but what can I say? This year's May has been a wild ride for sure. I was only able to finish two books but let's see the bright side: I am now on the fifth season of How I Met Your Mother. Moreover, Friends Reunion finally aired on 27thI haven't watched it yet but I'm beyond excited!

Where the Crawdads Sing follows the story of Kya Clark who is widely known as the Marsh Girl in the haunted Barkley Cove. Living in the marsh alone, Kya had to work hard to survive all by herself after being left by her family. Contrary to what the townspeople say about her though, Kya is a born naturalist. She took life lessons from the land, her friends were the gulls, and she mastered the skill to live in solitude forever. However, her striking feature eventually drew in two young men from town until one of them is dead and her reputation makes her the top suspect.

Overall, Where the Crawdads Sing was an okay read for me. While the synopsis did intrigue me a lot, I must say that the book as a whole didn’t actually charm me the way that I had thought it would. The characters had some distinct developments throughout the story and I did enjoy the second part quite much though I don’t think I will want to reread this book in the future. But if you love to read a murder mystery with a touch of historical fiction, I reckon this book may be for you.

The Unhoneymooners follows the story of Olive Torres whose twin sister Ami is getting married. On the supposedly happy occasion though, something unexpected happens. The wedding turns out disastrous when the entire party gets food poisoning from eating free (but bad) shellfish. As luck would have it, the only people who aren't affected by the fiasco are Olive and Ethanher nemesis who is also her brother-in-law. Here is the problem: the lucky Ami has already gotten herself a ten-day free honeymoon trip to Hawaii which is nonrefundable nor that it is postponable. Both Olive and Ethan want the free vacation quite badly and so they agree to go together, pretend to be a couple, and split up later. Everything seems to go according to plan until somehow Olive stumbles upon her new boss and accidentally tells a white lie. To save her future job, she has to get Ethan to agree to play pretend as loving newlyweds. That's when they get to know each other better in the midst of all the non-stop bickering.

With so much expectation bubbling up even before I bought this book, it was understandable that I was a little nervous at first. A lot of my friends labeled The Unhoneymooners as one of their favorite rom-coms, and thankfully, true to their words, this book was great. It may have too many impossible coincidences and all that, but I kinda have expected them in a chick-lit so it's not really a huge of a deal. But will I declare it as my all-time favorite rom-com though? I don't think so. The Unhoneymooners may have entertained me these days, but something about Olive and Ethan's relationship didn't fully charm me as much as the other rom-com's couples did. Will I recommend it to you though, my friends who like something fluffy and fun? Certainly.