Nicola and the Viscount by Meg Cabot: A Review

Another book done, another review to come. Nicola and the Viscount turned out to be another by Meg Cabot I bought and adored just because. It's like reading something similar to The Princess Diaries only this time it's in the 1800s so I guess it's quite fitting to call it a chick-lit-like historical romance that was written in a very different style from what I had usually read.

Following the story of the name bearer, Nicola and the Viscount tells the tale of a sixteen-year-old orphan girl. As a daughter of a baron, Nicola is left with quite a possession: an estate called Beckwell Abbey located only ten miles from Killingworth. Though old and considered invaluable by many, the estate is the one and only thing left from her parents that Nicola can hold on to.

Now that she has finished school, Nicola is ready to truly dive into real society with her best friend Eleanor Sheridan. Captivated by the godly Lord Sebastian Bartholomew, Nicola longs for a marriage proposal from the viscount himself. Of course, she considers herself the luckiest girl in the world when it happens sooner than she thought it would. So when Nathaniel Sheridan points out lots of things wrong with her fiancé, Nicola is quick to come to his defense. It's just that, it turns out that there is something really wrong with the viscount, and Nicola has to make things right before it is too late.

I originally wanted to say that this book was as predictable as it was fun but it turned out that it was not so. While I could point out that Nicola as a character reminded me of Mia Thermopolis and Nathaniel did make me think of Michael Moscovitz, the predictability actually ended there. Nicola and the Viscount was a fun, entertaining story about a poetry-loving teenager who was in the search of her one true love until the plot took quite a turn and sprinkled itself with a touch of... gothicnessbut boy, did I love the twist.

It seemed that even though the story was a bit short and not thoroughly intricate, I was still able to enjoy it quite a great deal. After all, Nicola and the Viscount felt like my typical cute young adult bookthe only thing setting it apart was the fact that it took place in the early 1800. No wonder the experience sort of reminded me of the classic books I have been starting to binge-read this year, save for the style that felt so much like Cabot and the fast pace.

To sum up, I think it suffices to say that this book, though lacking it was of character development, was quite addictive. The characters were amusing as well as fun, and I ended up liking Nat as much as I did Michael. My only qualm was probably the times Nicola referred to Lord Sebastion as the 'God'. It seemed to me a bit cringe-worthy haha.

If you're looking for a super-light read whilst finding yourself in the mood for something Romantic Period-related, consider this book the answer to your thirst. Just don't expect something too complicated and you'll enjoy it too.

Actual rating: 3.5