Mooncake Season at Its Best

Every once a year, my family and I have our own Mid-Autumn celebration, which is also widely known as the Mooncake Festival. It ain't something big or anything too celebratory honestly. We usually partake of this particular Chinese bakery among other cuisines, and this year is no different. Since my cousin has ordered several packs of mooncakes from Medan this early September, we all get to enjoy the exquisite delicacy two weeks earlier than expected.

Eating mooncakes around this time of the year has always been a running tradition in my family, but it's not until this year that I have come to an actual understanding of its true origin and meaning. Mooncake festival is born from a custom taking place around 3.000 years ago when ancient emperors in China thanked the moon for the year's harvest. Some other sources state that it is also birthed from a story where a woman named Chang E is said to drink her husband's immortality elixir and turned into a goddess. It's a popular belief that once a goddess, Chang E flies to the moon so her husband cannot go after her.

Nowadays, Mooncake Festival is mostly symbolized with none other than the mooncake itself, lanterns, dragon dances, along with family gatherings; and I really like how the festive feeling greets me every time. It's no secret either that I have quite a fondness for autumn and its woody warm vibes. Along with my curiosity that is easily sparked by folklore stories, I'm starting to feel the autumnal excitement and the growing interest in anything cozy and festive. Let's consider ourselves lucky to have these two collided in a celebration called the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Even if a bit early, this year also marks the occasion of me finding the most delicious mooncakes I have ever tasted: the first one is filled with goji berries and mixed nutsit's quite flavory and a bit crunchybut my favorite is ultimately the one filled with durian and salted egg in the middlethe combination tastes just heavenly. With the sweetness the king of fruits possesses, my taste bud is completely tantalized by its savor paired with a small chunk of well-mashed yolk. To put it simply, it's a mouthwatering dessert.

I now can't wait to try another mooncake with different fillings in the future. It's 好吃 and I'm craving for another one, beyond ready to welcome other surprises in both the dishes and their origin.