Halloween as a Not-So-New Girl

I'm not usually into scary stuff, but since it's Halloween month, I suppose I ought to think of something to tell. If you insist, this one is the best I could think of off the top of my head: how quickly this year passes by is overwhelmingly crazy. It's a little horrifying to gulp the fact that us galloping through this year is actually real. Like, one minute I was the new girl in the new officebarely knew what to do and how to cope with the sudden changethen bam, it's six months later and I have finished my first probation period.

Had I chosen something else and not this path six months ago, I probably wouldn't be here, writing a post about how I would no longer be the ultimate new girl. Had I been unsure whether I would be up for this job and decided not to apply, I wouldn't have met some friends I couldn't imagine not knowing now. It seems crazy to me that all the time we're only one decision away from being a stranger, from becoming someone completely unknown. Heck, I wouldn't even be writing this post if not for the show I'm currently watching. New Girl inspired not only the title; it also set the tone for the whole writing... 

Which even further confirms that we all are really tied up in a figurative long string. Since my first listen of Invisible String by Taylor Swift last year, I haven't been able to stop diverting my attention away from everything tying me to how my life turns out. I wouldn't have been here if not for the accounting classes I had gone through for seven long semesters. I wouldn't have been majoring in accounting if my Mom hadn't let me change major in the first place. My Mom wouldn't have allowed me to change major if she hadn't gone to her school reunion where one of her friends convinced her otherwise.

It seems bizarre to think that a small, harmless decision could actually stir your life in a totally different direction. Had my Mom chosen to pass the reunion invitation because she was not feeling like it, she wouldn't have met her friend and let me change my major. And its repercussions on my life would have been very different, I'm sure.

It's exactly like what happens in the TV show too. Albeit fictional, there is always a thing or two that we can learn from it. Following the story of Jessica Day, a quirky school teacher who has just gotten dumped by her boyfriend of six years, New Girl starts with Jess trying to convince these three strangers that she will be the perfect addition to their all-men apartment.

Time passes, friendship grows, love blooms then. Even if I watch it just for the sake of entertainment, questions swirl in my mind like unsolicited flies. What if Jess never broke up with Spencer? What if Jess chose to move out in the middle of their relationship? What if that was the cause of their relationship wreckage? If the writer decided to make a small adjustment, would Jess still be in the favor of Nick's, Winston's, and Schmidt's?

Just like how each minutiae of Jess' story is tied by an invisible string, maybe this is how it is for us too. A different small decision could turn our life upside down just as the big one could. The fact that we are here now in lieu of doing something else means a whole different thing when we realize that all along there is a cord connecting our affairs like a line along a sequence of countless dots. It definitely means something that from over a hundredth of positions we could right now be in, we're placed here instead.

It's Halloween month, and as much as it is a surprise for you as it is for me, I'm all dressed up as the not-so-new girl. Hope the rest of your October goes as awesome, folks. Let this Halloween bring you nice surprises that will connect you to your next great pinpoint.