November's Second Read: Sanity & Tallulah by Molly Brooks

My third COVID experience has no telling symptom: my throat was sore, and that's that. It's honestly not what I was thinking when I wished for a longer holiday, but working from home surely has its own perks. One of the good things that came out of it was an addition to my monthly wrap-up, something to celebrate for.

So I was looking for a good reread when a book on the second story of my shelf caught my attention. Sanity & Tallulah by Molly Brooks is a graphic novel I got from OwlCrate Jr's past box that I'm pretty sure I have read before. Following the story of two best friends named Sanity Jones and Tallulah Vega in Wilnick, a dilapidated space station at the end of the galaxy, this book is filled with an exciting science adventure about the loss of a cute three-headed kitten that Sanity has created illegally as her secret science project and their attempt in saving all the lives in the station.

Mischievous and adorablethose were the exact adjectives that I would use to describe this book. For starters, it was a perfect bedtime reading. Sanity & Tallulah was light, fun, and easy to follow. It reminded me of an imaginary adventure that almost every kid had once wanted in their life: troublesome but exciting.

While Sanity was inspiringly clever, Tallulah was definitely a mood. I adored how the two best friends seemed to complete each other. And even though the existence of the adults was not that significant in this book, they still played quite a role, especially Dr. Vega.

I also loved the artwork. It was very detailed and pretty.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Sanity & Tallulah to fellow middle-grade and graphic book lovers. It's a quick, fun read that will send you to sleep through an imaginary rocket and an exciting out-of-space adventure.

Actual rating: 4