A Not-So-Fishy Relaxing Escape: A Fishy Jakarta Experience

Since these past few weeks had been rather hard for me, it was only fitting to give myself a toast for passing yet another month. Spiteful and draining that it had been, March offered nothing good as it fizzled out. I wouldn't have realized how tired I had been deep down if not for a small drop of water triggering the whole fortress, and it all came breaking down.

Coping with this was not as easy as it had always been, but Kelly Clarkson said what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that is what I now believe. I tried not to let it get into my head too far and went on with my plan since my sister had made me promise to go to Jakarta Aquarium & Safari with her this weekend days before it all happened. Glad that I didn't back out.  I don't think it has anything to do with the whole situation but let it be for aesthetic purposes: I'm an Aquarius, and there is something about an ocean-themed getaway that soothes me.

We bought the premium ticket for only IDR 203.000 each (the best perk of buying it online: more promo!!!). I didn't think there were many differences between the regular and premium options except for the multiple entries and a game room-in-progress, but I would say the experience was worth every rupiah spent. The vibe of the two-floor aquarium was immaculate, at the same time eerie, yet soothing. In shorter words, it was certainly prettier than I had imagined.

What I didn't expect: fish were so so so hard to take pictures of! I know it might sound stupid out loud but I felt like they didn't ever stop... swimming. Of all these amazing creatures this aquarium became a habituate to, photographs could only keep a few of them. I couldn't even take a proper picture of the coolest of all: a shoal of black fish with glow-in-the-dark eyes that reminded me of Toothless from the movie How to Train Your Dragon.

I was not disappointed though. My sister had surprised both of us when she managed to capture a stingray photobombing me in the background. It was an ethereal moment. A no-matter-how-this-picture-turns-out-I'll-post-it-on-my-blog moment. The chances were pretty good that the stingray could sense the fact that I bore the Water Bearer astrological sign and needed April to at least be decent.

I was surprised to find out that we had a good time watching the Pearl of the South Sea show too. We were prohibited to take any pictures or videos since its right was protected by the law, but the rules made us even more absorbed in the story somehow. And after three hours of wandering, we capped off our short escape with a ten-minute 5D theater simulator of being under the sea in a submarine, and I'd say it was quite cool of an ending.

Okay, now, it's not fair to say that I want April to have a good start when I have been lying the whole time. A confession to make: I don't think I'm Aquarius enough, since stepping on this glass and seeing through the water underneath terrified me to no end. Albeit you could see me smiling in this picture, trust me it was a lie too. I was screaming inside.