Things I See When I Walk/Jog

It may come out as a big surprise, but lately, I’ve been developing this huge fondness for walking/jogging. If it rings any bell, "exercising regularly" had been one of my resolutions last year that didn't come to fruition. Or at least until recently.

It first started when a sudden awareness that I should start taking care of my body emerged, followed by the urge to stop criminalizing work to be the sole excuse for not doing something. I now find walking/jogging extremely soothing. It is only when I do it that I feel the most honest with myself. I think about the things that I'm afraid to face, about the future, and even about whether or not I should stay in my current job. It's almost like my mind has its own haphazard drawer of the "unthinkable", and walking is the perfect key to its padlock.

I'm also blessed with two beautiful towns to take a walk/jog in. To celebrate my newfound love for it, let me share the things I see when I walk/jog for you to enjoy: