December's Firsts

Pictures, for me, are fond memories that I would hug if I could. Strangers may see them as a mere random collection, but the person behind the lens will see their life in a chronological roll. My December this year has so many exciting firsts. I want to share them here for pinpointing purposes.


... the first Christmas tree I took a picture of this year, during a colleague's wedding (come to think about it, the ceremony was held at the end of November. Please just consider this as an intro pre-December).

... the first dine-out with my sister this month. If the two of us have little in common, this coffee-rubbed steak, the signature dish in Karnivor, has been one of those exceptions. We have loved it since the first time we tried it several months ago. So when she suggested that we should have steak for dinner on the first weekend in December after church, I said yes without thinking. 

... the first gift I received from the Secret Santa event in the new office with a more or less similar procedure: we had to write a few things we were hoping to get before putting our wish list for shuffle. I wrote: Funko Pocket POP! Keychain Disney Peter Pan at the Flight Attraction (because like Peter, I am sort of a free spirit in my own way); Funko Pocket POP! Keychain Disney Kingdom Hearts - Goofy (because we have to live more carefree like Goofy); and Funko Pocket POP! Keychain Disneyland Mad Tea Party Attraction & Alice (no reason except that it is too cute!).

I ended up getting the first one on my list. Hi, Lost Boy.

... the first Christmas lunch celebration with a friend in a small cafe with a vibe so immaculate. Couldn't say the same about the food thoughI was not a big fan.

... the first cafe hopping with the said friend. I might be an introvert, but I have this special talent, a wonderful thing, 'cause I could spend hours talking with the people I feel comfortable with. I started with a glass of sea salt cocoa macchiato and ended up with a regular glass of sweet iced tea and a plate of french fries. My friend and I talked for almost seven hours straight. In the end, plain old es teh and a conversation with a good friend would always be for the win.