OwlCrate Jr Makes Chemistry Look Fun

Back in high school, I was more of a biology person though it's not exactly a widely known concept as I used to easily shift between wanting to favor it and absentmindedly flicking through it. As opposed to my love and hate relationship with biology, chemistry was without doubt my nemesis. The thought of elements and compounds used to put me off more often than not and that's probably why I usually got bad grades in it.

When OwlCrate Jr announced that they're going to bring out the theme "Elements & Alchemy" for their May box, I was pretty certain I would cherish everything in it counting on the fact that it had never disappointed me. This box arrived a few days ago and while I still wasn't a big fan of chemistry, I wasn't at all surprised that OwlCrate Jr managed to curate it impeccably, meaning I was lost for words in a jiff. Without further ado, let's take a look.

Here are all the goodies I got:
  • A potion class-inspired book sleeve designed by @melaniedemmer.
  • An Avatar The Last Airbender-inspired iron-on patch designed by @erin_gibbs.
  • A notebook with a quote from the great cosmologist Carl Sagan designed by @nerdyink.
  • A 150 pieces test tube jigsaw puzzle of the periodic table from @professorpuzzleltd.
  • A vial of rocks with powerful alchemical energy which came in varied color from @geocentralI got the turquoise one.
  • Book of the month: Quintessence by Jess Redman (@jess__red) which came with a signature, exclusive letter from the author, and a map of Four Points provided by @macmillanusa.
  • A monthly collectible sticker of a cute potion designed by @ellievsbear.
  • A monthly magazine designed by @themichellegray.
  • A sneak peek card of OwlCrate Jr's July box with the theme "Magic in Bloom" designed by @veepdoodles.

As I just started collecting book sleeves not long ago, getting one from OwlCrate Jr means a lot. While it comes in a pretty large size, the material is so soft and I find it amazing just how detailed the design isI will certainly show it off once the pandemic is over by bringing it everywhere with me outside. Meanwhile, the turquoise vial of rocks is now displayed on my desk, complementing my collection of small glitter tubes which I promise I'll show you one day along with the pretty notebook and the map of Four Points.

While we all can agree that the map is such a work of art, I'm now even more excited to start Quintessence by Jess Redman. I heard it's going to be a book full of friendship, self-discovery, and also elements.

OwlCratejr always curates each of their boxes perfectly and therefore don't miss out on the chance to get a 15% off by redeeming my code KAILEMRA to subscribe. It's a well-known fact that being surprised now and then is a fun thing, so let it be this box that gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement.