My New Obsession

The fact that my current read is good apparently is not a good enough reason. Though I'm not usually someone who can be distracted easily, lately I've been proving myself otherwise. Every morning I ponder the question of what to pick up and more often than not I find myself sitting in front of my laptop to pick up where I left off in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's universe the other night.

A tv series usually becomes a big deal once I've survived the first few episodes and it's becoming clear that I can'tand won'tstop. After finishing the pilot episode on day one, I put aside Brooklyn Nine-Nine for quite a while that I was almost sure it would end in abandonment. But aside from the fact that I always make a point of how important a second chance is, I distinctly remember that this show has been marked as a friend's ultimate favorite, so after another thought I decided to give it another go.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the story of detectives solving their cases in the 99th precinct. Though the story mostly revolves around the immature Jake Peralta as the main cast, we still get a fair share of his captain Raymond Holt and partners such as Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Charles Boyle, Gina Linetti, and sometimes Scully and Hitchcock.

This show, not to mention that it's authentic and popular, sort of reminds me of Friends in a good way. A twenty minutes-something duration per episode makes them super easy to watch so it's not a question why I end up enjoying them more than I thought I would. Counting on the fact that I will always love Friends' entire characters no matter what, finding out that Amy Santiago reminds me of Monica Geller as well as Gina Linetti of Phoebe Buffay is a delight, while despite being immature, Jake Peralta has caught my attention since the first time he opened his mouth. It may not come out as a big surprise but I now have a big crush on him.

All in all, if we're about to compare the two, Brooklyn Nine-Nine might seem a little unrealistic though in a jiff during season two I noticed that I might have preferred its dry and witty humor a bit more.