I am one of those people who like to find comfort in the midst of busy circumstances hence vibrant city life, the constant humming noises in a coffee shop, and random traffic jam on a heavy rainy day suit me.

Usually, it's easier for me to find solace in this kind of solitude. Having unrecognizable moving people in the background, I notice less of my surroundings and more of life itself in a grand scheme. My thoughts wander farther the busier everyone around me is. In slow motion, I sometimes feel like the only one staying stagnant, lost in deep fascination, secretly being cozy, while my surrounding is moving silently according to their schedule.

However, quiet time is a rarity once you've grown up. I more often than not find myself feeling exhausted trying to catch up with everything all at once while my mind won't stop reminding me of countless what-ifs and deadlines. While I prefer things slow and steady, life is fast-paced and so it's honestly a little overwhelming for me to adjust the tempo sometimes.

Luckily this evening, I got the opportunity to take a break from stressing out and it sure felt nice. While heavy rain was pouring down on the outside I was snuck in the warmth of a train on my commute back from work, letting the squealing rail and occasional horns did their job while I did mine. Being engaged with my own thoughts felt like a ticket to recharge myself from the fast-moving outside world thus once again I was reminded of how important it is to savor every moment and stop worrying.

It's true that life is an allegro and while it's necessary to balance your speed accordingly, you're obligated to keep your step function with contentment too. I'm not saying you should slow everything down but instead challenge life at your own pace. What's the point of rushing if you're not happy after all? For now, I'll just be swinging in something akin to adagio.