Mixed Feeling

Please remind me why albeit good, I spent years avoiding dramas like a plague considering how much of an addict I was in prior years before college and work ate up my life? Right, the hangover. Upon completing a good series, a realization that I’ve lost something to look forward to kicks in especially in the morning waking up which without a doubt doubles up the sense of longing drastically though this time I'm pretty much irritated also, because how in the world could I forget the inevitability of a drama-hangover?

As the storm winds down though, I usually declare that being in a drama (or even a book)-hangover is quite a rarity and therefore beautiful to experience. I more often than not forget that the disorientated feeling I have to go through is not as easy as it might seem later on. While the void remains empty, my desperate attempt to grasp anything, even the smallest chunk, is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. 

That sentiment terribly hit me in the head this morning. I woke up with a sense of awful longing and a ludicrous need to busy myself. It's fruitless to yearn for something unreal, I know, but since being passionate about something is not a crimeonly a small-scale catastrophe wrecking your brainI suppose I should try to treasure the feeling while it lasts.

I don't normally let myself enjoy something remade (it would perhaps come out a little odd but this is actually my uncanny way to appreciate the very first version I watch), thereby the decision to give the 2018's remake of Meteor Garden a try last weekend was quite out of the blue. I originally planned to watch it just for the sake of time killing but now I know it's impossible. With almost 50 episodes, this C-Drama is hooking me deeper and probably more than what I think I could endure.

Following the story of Dong Shancai and the famous F4 in the Ming De University, this version of Meteor Garden is very entertaining as well as dramatic. I laughed, I cried, I suffered, I smiled, all thanks to their banters and adorable friendship. It wouldn't be a surprise either that I've fallen for Dylan Wang's version of Dao Ming Si. Aside from the fact that he's perfect for the role, his chemistry with Shen Yue is admirably strong.

However, I'm a little sad to admit that I didn't enjoy the second 20 episodes as much as I did the first 20 ones (um, still have another 10 to go through though). While I do have a thing for romantic comedies with some touches of exaggerated drama, Meteor Garden manages to balance it nicely until it starts to become a little too draggy to my liking at around mid-twenty episode or so. It doesn't mean that I stopped liking it altogether as I still find myself constantly thanking Youtube for their awesome recommendations regarding this show's behind-the-scenes videos, but apart from the fact that I only had the whole weekend to spend freely, this is another piece as to why I was shamefully forced to skip the majority of some parts.

I promise myself to rewatch it again with nothing to miss one day. As for now, let me just cherish the feeling of unexpected longing and the urge to recite the hope for another season of Meteor Garden, no matter how impossible.