Graduating Feels so Good

A positive, major life event calls for a celebration and I mean it both figuratively and literally. Food is a must (you may say I'm a glutton for it) while wine would be a great addition if I lived abroad but since it's not the case let's substitute it with a blog post.

You may be oblivious about the fact that I had been super anxious these days. My mind worked the whole time even when I had tried my best not to acknowledge the agitation. It seemed like there's an imaginary vault buried deep inside my headsomething in it, vague and unknown, didn't possess the ability to shut up. It kept whispering to me about how my 3.5 years journey in college would dwindle into this moment: the undergraduate thesis defense which in it perched the final decision that would forever change my life. I know it may sound like I'm exaggerating right now but as soon as it was done, as soon as the examiners proclaimed me as an unofficial graduate, the shadow I didn't realize had been clogging up my inner self was instantly lifted up.

I have been dreaming about this day since the first time I set foot in college. The desire, along with my vision for my future, burned even more wildly in the first few months of my job. Never I imagined that graduating would feel this good. I had been unease and restless last weekend but now that I know graduation is closer than I have anticipated, I can't stop smiling hence the good mood and high spirit.

“What are you gonna do with your life now?” Honestly, the possibilities are endless. I’m a firm believer that you can be anything you want or like no matter how impossible it might seem. Admittedly the term ‘do what you like and like what you do’ used to sound somewhat arrogant to me but growing up I've come to realize that it’s implying anything but. It takes courage to do things your way and care less about what the society says about you. I’m glad that I chose the path that led me to who I am today. Needless to say, it’s easy to find yourself comparing your life to the make-believe one in your head, the one you arguably insist would be yours in an entirely different universe, but lots of things have taught me not to take anything for granted thereby I’m thankful for the journey my college life has brought me into and through.

Let me thank God for His blessings and everything then, my family for being my numero uno supporter, and my friends for coloring so many memorable events in this journey. I'm glad that finishing college makes me even more motivated to be better and smarter. Getting a step closer to graduating means I need to be braver in facing the uncertainty of a future because looking back I distinctly remember that I used to consider hitting this exact point rather far and outstretched.

To discover that nothing is impossible is certainly encouraging. It’s also sweet to have something you’ve been longing for materializing before your own eyes. Still a little hard to believe that today is real though. I’m going to come out with a Bachelor’s degree in accountinghow wild! I know I have said it before but let me repeat it once again: I long to be a clever, independent woman who will never stop being a learner and dedicates her time for self-growth. My goals are vivid, and I think this day marks the start of the step I'm taking to reach each one of them.