Loving Sarah Hogle's Debut Novel: You Deserve Each Other

Just finished binge-reading You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle in two days: I feel entitled to do so after a restless week full of anxiety. A fun contemporary read is always a perfect getaway to celebrate the stress away and I'm glad that I chose this book despite my initial hesitation (shoutout to @arinisandy for the awesome recommendation!).

You Deserve Each Other follows the story of Naomi Westfield and her seemingly perfect fiancé, Nicholas Rose. Even though the two look like a perfect couple goal, there's a big crack in their relationship that is so huge that it seems unrepairable: way too demanding soon-to-be mother-in-law and lack of communication. Both of them want out but whoever says it first would have to foot the crazily enormous wedding cost. It goes without saying that they then try to drive each other crazy by pranks and being their true self, though Naomi doesn't expect that letting go of her mask and showing off her true emotion will bring the two closer.

Well, I have to say, this book was without doubt a perfect guilty pleasure read. Why? I didn't really understand Nicholas' motive in the beginning chapters since this book was told from Naomi's point of view and so it didn't give us insight into his exact thoughts. Nicholas seemed to me so fickle, and both his and Naomi's pranks were childish as hell, but I was wholeheartedly entertained regardless. Like seriously. I frequently laughed so hard that at one point my mom asked me what was I doing in my room. Naomi could be super petty at times but I supposed this was why I adored this book so much.

The lovers-to haters-to lovers trope was perfect that at a jiff during the first few chapters I did despise Nicholas with a passion. Guilty as charged, I was team Naomi all the way (you go, girl!). But I also thought that their development, both personality and relationship-wise, was amusing as well as interesting to read. I found it hard not to root for them when they were being this adorable despite very immature. Besides their banters and emotional warfare, the other aspects were not overdramatized so it's all in all pure entertainment for me, with adorable moments and laughable devilish pranks as a bonus.

In conclusion, You Deserve Each Other was cute, fun, and crazy. The ending was sweetit was great, really, but I was a bit sad that we didn't get to stumble upon another full-on drama since I was in such a mood for it. I will definitely check out Sarah Hogle's other works in the future though, with the hope that they will be as amusing as Naomi and Nicholas' story.

Actual rating: 4.3