A Flavorful Weekend

It's easy to get lost in a sea of grind and sweat when deadlines are all over you and the idea of a slow, undemanding weekend is what you're clinging to. I know, the unrealistic part of me used to be quite antithetical to the perception. It used to seem to me that 'work hard, play hard' is the ultimate goal to aim but growing up, I've come to my senses and decided once and for all that I'm not one of those people. Rather than engaging myself in doing something prolific, I more often than not ache for just a lazy day at home instead.

For the most part, work may have influenced the aforementioned desire. I long to have undisturbed time to enjoy the day as it is even if for only a few hours top. It's decided that this is what the weekend will be all about then. Everything I'm in the mood for, no matter how exhausting or, on the contrary, lazy it may seem, the weekend will accept it and ask no question. I mean, we have dedicated our precious five days to work so obviously this is the least we could do. We owe it to ourselves to do what appeals to us the most, even if it's as plain as lazing the day away or even sleeping early.

The most important part of my weekend is this: I finally got fully vaxxed with the Sinovac vaccine. In my experience, the second jab felt a tad bit more painful though it didn't leave my upper arm sore afterward. The healthcare professional who gave me the shot was very kind too (I hope she didn't know that I freaked out a little bit). All in all, the committee organized this vaccination process competently that the queue moved fast and the experience felt very swift. Kudos to everyone involved in the preparation.

Aside from taking my second dose of vaccine, I spent the rest of my weekend idly, just as I had wanted it. I read Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy one chapter at a time because it felt more fulfilling to absorb every little detail written, and while I was not reading, I binge-watched Modern Family with my favorite chocolate duvet in the comfort of my room.

Ah, I miss this. I miss this so much. Even if I had to apologetically turn down a picnic invitation from some friends, I ended up enjoying this kind of weekend more when I could freely dictate what to do and what's not. And in the spirit of doing anything I feel like doing at the moment, I also ordered something me and my family had not yet tasted before. Since we're in the mood to try new dishes, our choice fell on a Middle Eastern cuisine: chicken mandi with garlic mayo dip.

My sister and I quickly decided that we're going to repurchase it in the future. The dish was flavorful with delicious herbs and spices, and though I was not a big fan of a rather-bland taste of the garlic mayo, I couldn't bury the fact that it balanced the flavor of the roasted chicken quite nicely. As for dessert, a partner in my company celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago, and so he arranged for each of his team members (me included) a package of layer sponge cake. My sister also ordered some Korean chicken wings and stuffed toasts because we're obsessed with the new shrimp menu in the latter resto.

Well, my weekend might not be the coolest. It may even sound boring to some who prefer outdoor activities and finding ground-breaking moments in between. I like those too sometimes, there is always something precious that could only be found outside. But there are times when a slow sunny morning is more welcomed, and all I want to do is curl up in bed and jest with my loved ones. After a week of a constant pattern, it's always nice to have a flavorful weekend, however it is you choose to spend it.