Hectic, Rainy September and Its Wrap Up

September has unexpectedly turned into a busy month unlike what it used to be. Even if exhausting, I'm loving the rainy days this month is rolling with. And even though I only finished two books this month, I am quite proud: to say that my current read is thick would be an understatement. It is heavy, and I am more than halfway through it already despite the hectic work-life.

Victoria and the Rogue follows the story of a sixteen years old Lady Victoria Arbuthnot who is shipped to England to find a husband. In less than three months though, even before she has the chance to set foot in England, she has gotten herself engaged to the handsome ninth earl of Malfrey, Hugo Rothschild. Having been living with four bachelor uncles her entire life, Vicky is accustomed to meddling in everyone else's business. Her interferences are also very much needed here, Vicky observes, as everything seems so poorly organized. Too bad that there is one person she can't seem to manage. With his teasing, bad mannerism, and low collar points, Vicky finds Captain Jacob Carstairs particularly exasperating, not to mention that he is also very opposed to her engagement with Lord Malfrey.

In conclusion, Victoria and the Rogue was not the kind of book with detailed world-building or a complex plot. It wouldn't fulfill your thirst for some regency books either. But it certainly was entertainment; something to pick up if you're fancying something light and a bit fluffy. So of course, I would recommend it to you if you're feeling like picking up anything cute.

Cinders & Sparrows follows the story of an orphan maid named Zita Brydgeborn who has just gotten a letter from a walking scarecrow. Being told that she inherits a centuries-old castle called The Blackbird, Zita jumps for the adventure right away. She later finds out that the castle used to be a home for the most powerful witches in the world with Zita as the last of its line. Unfortunately, Zita doesn't know a thing about witchcraft, so when a dark battle between the living and the dead arises, she has to find the magic within her with the help of her new friends Minnifer and Bram.

I might have only read a couple of Middle-Grade books this year so far, but it was quite obvious from the first few chapters that Cinders & Sparrows would come out as my most favorite. Following the story of the chosen one in a dark big castle full of mysterious corridors and magic, the vibes of this book reminded me a lot of a certain magical book we all know so well, and I was certainly obsessed with the mood this book got me into. If you love Middle-Grade and various magic systems, this book would be a good choice for you.