Garden by the Bay—Beautiful and Romantic

When I first stepped into the dome of Garden by the Bay (GBTB), I knew then and there that that place deserved its own post in my blog. Having to pay around 40 SGD for the admission ticket to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, I'd say that the experience was worth every dollar spent. I will obviously revisit this place in the future.

Our first stop that day was the beautiful Flower Dome. It was quite lucky of us to give it a visit in November when it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Pretty Christmas trees and Santa Claus statues were everywhere. I couldn't begin to fathom how stunning the dome would look on precisely 25th December.

If Flower Dome was beautiful, Cloud Forest was super breathtaking. Currently featuring Avatar in its glorious forest, I found the place worth all the attention it was getting, so please note that these pictures don't do it justice. Traveler note: I suggest you visit it at night since the ticket is for one-time admission only.

After we were done with our little tour, we waited for the Supertree Groove light show that started at 7.45 pm. I didn't want to wait that long honestly, but since I was in the minority, I went along with the decision. It was quite worth the wait: it looked like an ordinary light show, though amidst the light play and the good music choices, I sensed something very romantic about it. Please bring your partner and watch the show together. Let the combination of night, light, and music make you two fall harder for each other.

The glorious sight this country offered on our way back from GBTB.

Taking 28.143 steps overall.