S10 E19 - The One Where My Sister and I Visited Central Perk

If anyone told me earlier this year that I would be visiting the replica of Central Perk, a cafe I so badly want to fetch a cup of coffee at, I would laugh at their face and say, "Nice try. I don't even drink coffee."

It turns out that life has so many ways to surprise you. A few weeks before my trip to Singapore, something came over me and I randomly typed "Central Perk Singapore" on google. Real things came up. I almost jumped in excitement upon finding out that my thoughtless attempt brought me closer to one of my dreams.

My sister and I couldn't resist the pull to take a lot of pictures with the best remodel of our go-to show we could find so far. True to my words, I didn't order coffee but a plate of tater tots ("PotatoesThe Way Joey Likes It") and baked oysters ("The One That is Aphrodisiac"). The oysters were fresh, but I was not the biggest fan of the tater tots. The waitress was very nice too and we managed to exchange a few banters before heading home.

Season 10 Episode 19 has finally aired now. We have visited Central Perk.