Part 3 of Things I See When I Walk/Jog... Before I Go on a Hiatus

I am quite well aware that there should be no such thing as a hiatus in exercising, but guess which one of the badass bitches has decided to quit (for a while)? I mean, this is not my fault for taking a walk at the worst time ever, right (say, like, ten until twelve o'clock in broad daylight)? While I could go on and on and on about my repentance, it does not erase the fact that the decision has set off a ripple of acnes to my sweaty forehead that I am now trying to mend with sincere hope and a small portable fan everywhere I go (yes, that sounds desperate, I hear).

Now that I have been on a hiatus for a week and counting, let's look back on some notable moments that I saw when I was walking in the last thirty days, give or take:

-- Sunday, October 22nd, 2023

I started to become obsessed with Car Free Day. I could understand why people are willing to spend their time exercising so early on a Sundaythere is something soothing in walking by yourself while strangers are doing more or less the same. It kinda feels like you are walking with everyone yet at the same time with no one.

-- Sunday, October 29th, 2023

It was another Car Free Day when I brought a book with me as my plus-one. On our way home, we stumbled upon a group of people bringing orange balloons. I thought it was pretty and pretty random.

-- Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

I didn't actually plan to go to the library that night, but I had accidentally left a bookmark when returning Obsidio two days before. The library staff was so kind to keep it for me and proceeded to ask, "Did you make it yourself?" I nodded sheepishly. It might not be my prettiest design for old shop @rusticsunday, but the bookmark still meant a lot to me. Also, I didn't have anything to be converted as a bookmark in my flat. I am anti-dog-earing even when the book is not mine.

-- Sunday, November 12nd, 2023

I started to trek to the library as opposed to my usual route during Car Free Day. Once I got home, taking a shower felt so ethereal. Jakarta was so hot, hot, hot.

-- Sunday, November 19th, 2023

Exactly a week ago. After my routine, I came home feeling super dehydrated and weak. My sister then told me that the heat was so crazy that day that even she had decided to finish her run as early as around eight-ish. I suppose the fact that I had just gotten my last dose of the HPV vaccine the night before sort of made everything worse. I felt feverish the whole day and woke up to a bunch of awful acne across my forehead and glabella.