O... Christmas Feast

I spent Christmas Eve two years ago in the office, finalizing a tax response letter for a client, while most of my December last year went to waste as I got infected by Herpes Zoster. If I hadn't been contaminated by the virus though, truth to be told, I would have done what I had been doing for so long: shutting the world out.

With that being said, I am glad that I get to celebrate Christmas properly this year. I am glad that I have started to open up and say more "Yes" to dinner invitations than those mindless "No". I am glad to spend more time with my loved ones and be goofy around them. I am Santa Claus’ “ho-ho-ho” glad.


My sister is a very busy person, I'm not kidding. Her social calendar this month was so full that we had to squeeze in our Christmas brunch very early on a Saturday. Off we went to have a taste of grilled bone marrow, nero di mare, and ravioli truffle in Sofia. While we were not a big fan of bone marrow, we agreed that the dish should be tried at least once in a lifetime.


Satoo might not be my favorite hotel buffet, but when I had a Christmas dinner with two of my friends from the previous company, there was no time limit. I would say that the sashimi tasted so fresh, and the meat was quite tasty. We only paid for two thanks to the credit card promotion, so it was quite a deal.


Emilia Cucina Italiana was the restaurant my high school friends and I chose for a cozy Christmas dinner. I tried its famous pappardelle con bistecca and we then shared a plate of tiramisu. Overall, I liked its sirloin steak more than its complement, but nothing beat the sparkling night. Good conversation with good friends made me feel so much like my old self.


I went home in time to celebrate this year's Christmas Eve with my family. Roasted chicken, chicken pie, and homemade buttered baby potatoes were quite a feast to behold. I would say that this was overall my most favorite.


Merry, Merry Christmas, people. Have a joyful holiday.