Changes in the Shape of a Different Aesthetic and Soft-Baked Cookies

If there is something constant about life, it must be the changes that envelop every aspect of our life.

I’m not a big fan of something too constant, but changes sometimes terrify me. Having a very dynamic routine can be an exciting challenge as long as I don’t let the graphic line skyrocket too differently. I’m entitled to make the most of my schedule, much like a tightrope walker during her one-hour-long performance with various poles, but even if the circus shows the same acts almost every time, it doesn’t stay at the same place in search of more visitors.

I mean, ‘constant’ means no changes while ‘change’ means differing from something constant… so how the heck can changes be the only constant thing in life? 

"Why the vent?" you'd ask. I’m writing this post because this week I changed one of the most persistent things I had had for almost seven years. My bookstagram is not wholly a bookstagram anymore. Weeks of deliberation had me decide to alter the one consistent thing in it: books. It now serves as a basic photography page where I post both bookish and (more) non-bookish pictures.

It honestly wasn’t an easy decision to make. Those seven yearsminus the time I went on a long hiatuswere not a short, meaningless time that I could easily discard like waste batteries. I became a little dejected for quite some time. Down in the mouth, I was.

But much to nobody’s surprise, alterations can be a double-edged sword. Albeit acting like a crestfallen warrior at first, I now bow to the freedom of not having to worry about the same aesthetic. It admittedly becomes easier to spend the weekend away from the ringing voice in my head telling me to, “Take more pictures! Take more pictures!”

Proving my previous hypothesis to be spot on, this weekend was spent with a change of heart and hobby: I baked cookies.

I had the most satiating me-time in the kitchen, mixing the dough with my hands and my thoughts. Alterations can truly be a double-edged sword. It’s in the shape of soft-baked cookies this time.