Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo: A Closure I Needed

I wasn’t sure before but now I am: I was in a reading slump for almost two months. It took me a monthI repeat, a monthto finish Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. Last night was the first time I finished a book in weeks.

Disclaimer: Please stop reading if you haven’t read Six of Crows yet.

Following where it left off in Six of Crows, the Dregs are now in hiding. Instead of coming home with tons of money, Kaz is trying to come up with a plan to rescue Inej since Van Eck has held her hostage; Matthias is helping Nina fight her jurda parem addiction; Wylan’s face is now the same as Kuwei’s, the world’s most wanted scientist’s son; while Jesper has to face his father. Plans are made. Loyalties are tested. When the whole world is against them, they have to take back what they have been lured by all along: money and a place in the dirty Ketterdam.

Six of Crows and I have quite the history between us. I had read the book for the first time even before this blog was made (an easy five-star rating). I reread it back in January 2021 (a repeated five-star rating). I had tried picking up Crooked Kingdom twice after those two times, but I kept putting it aside every time. It was clear that I had my reason. It involved just a tiny bit of a very crucial spoiler.

I used to think that the spoiler had messed with my head to the point that I couldn’t keep reading without worrying about the foreseeable future. But isn’t time a funny little thing? I am now quite grateful for the spoiler because, in retrospect, it gave me enough time (we’re talking years) to prepare myself for the inevitable.

I started this book again after seeing how much my sister had enjoyed it last month, and boy, I didn’t regret it even a bit. Allowing myself to continue Crooked Kingdom had given me the closure that I didn’t know I needed. Everything about this book, from the first page to the very last, depicted perfection. I was even more amazed and aghast at the characters in this second installment, laughing at their playful banters in between the stressful situations. I loved how the plot seemed to flow with ease, with nothing not linking to one another. Kaz’s mind was truly out of this world.

I cried during the last few chapters because they broke my heart and I felt like I was not done with the characters yet. My affliction was a little bit cured with the presence of some familiar characters from the Shadow and Bone trilogy, but even it was not enough. I wanted more of Kaz and Inej, Matthias and Nina, Jesper and Wylanheck, I even wanted more of Van Eck if it meant more pages about the Dregs together.

Well... I realize that this review is less reviewing and more venting, but I do what I can, and this is how my mind sums up my feelings. I am pretty sure that this duology will be something I would love to reread in the future.

Actual rating: 5